3 Printing and Mailing Must-Haves for Your Next Direct Mail Campaign

Printing and mailing is an important component of any marketing and advertising strategy. The benefits of a well-organized direct mail campaign pay off if you plan, execute, and are consistent with sending out campaigns. But there are a lot of variables to consider when searching for the right printing and mailing company to suit your business advertising goals.

Here are the top 3 things that a printing company must have in order to be worthy of your business:

1. The proper printing equipment 

Having effective and modern equipment for both litho and digital printing is essential for a successful printing and mailing company. When it comes to litho printing every high volume direct mail company should be using the HUV curing technology featured in the new equipment. This technology instantly dries the ink so it can be moved onto the next stage in the printing and mailing process, ultimately allowing faster turn times. Digital printing technologies are improving quickly due to the increase in demand for high volume personalized campaigns. Most modern-day direct mail companies offer black and white as well as in full color.

2. Modern mailing equipment 

Match mail has grown to be a modern necessity, it is important to make sure that the direct mail company you are working with or considering working with has this capability. Match mail means that every piece of mail has a small matrix code printed on each piece that makes up the mail project. This allows you to easily have information specifically-tailored to them on the inside and outside and send a personalized letter to each person in your audience without mixing up who each letter is intended for. These mailing techniques allow for more intricate and personalized printing and mailing pieces for your prospects and customers which will help you retain their engagement.  

3. On-site USPS verification

On-site USPS verification is an honor direct mail companies work very hard to achieve. The USPS sends its employees to the direct mail company so the verification process can be done more efficiently and effectively on-site. Once the mail pieces are verified at the company they are sent directly the USPS nearest hub and are immediately ready for the processing at the USPS. This is a huge bonus for direct mail companies and their customers. Massive amounts of time are saved, money, and knowing that your direct mail campaign will not get held up at the USPS for not meeting standard requirements. 

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