Direct Mail Letters Get Results

Direct mail letters, or what we refer to them as, envelope mailers, are the most popular option to send multiple inserted pieces to both customers and prospects. They give privacy for confidential messages, offer almost unlimited content length, and have a professional feel that builds credibility and trust. Great brands know that direct mail letters help you make a strong connection with your target audience.

Direct Mail Letters Offer the Widest Range of Uses

Direct mail letters give you so many choices so you’re sure to find the perfect combo for your project. You can insert newsletters, add redeemers, gift slips, and remittance envelopes in your direct mail letter. On the printed pieces you can add tear-off coupons and personalize the content using variable data printing. Customizing the envelope using our in-house envelope converter might be what makes your letter stand out and get opened!

Confidential Letters

This simple but effective direct mail letter is perfect for when there’s not a lot being sent yet it needs to remain private until opened. This example includes a branded envelope and a variably printed letter. It’s easy to produce and quick to mail!

direct mail postcards

Invitation Sized Letter with Customization

A bold outer envelope gets attention in any mailbox. This fully customized piece includes a letter that was run through our digital press to add large amounts of variable data. Then folded and inserted into a windowless envelope and match mailed. Personalized and stunning!

5-Component Direct Mail Letter

Direct mail letters have the capability to include so much valuable branded content. This five-component mailing included a letter, full-color newsletter, a tear-off giving card, and a return envelope. They were all printed, folded, and inserted into a customized envelope.

Take Your Direct Mail Project from Start to Finish

We’ve partnered with many companies to produce and manage their direct mail programs or significantly improve results from existing programs. We’re experts at securely processing and working with complex data and art files to produce 1-to-1 direct mail marketing pieces. And we print and mail in-house. No need for third parties to complete your project. It goes from press to Post Office without leaving the building.

Design Work

Our graphics department has experience designing every type of direct mail product with an emphasis on mailing requirements.

Mailing List

We’ll make sure you get the right list! We work with the nation’s top data compilers so you get the most accurate, up-to-date list possible.

Direct Mail Products

All of our product formats offer space to tell your story, provide your customers & prospects a call-to-action, and can include personlization.


With multiple offset and digital printing options in-house, we’ll run your project on a state-of-the-art press to produce an outstanding direct mail campaign.

Postal Verification

Our on-site USPS verification office and e-induction means your mail is already approved before it leaves our building and will be accepted at any Post Office nationwide.


Our data team will process your list and come up with a logistics plan that saves you the most on postage, whether your mail is drop shipped or entered locally.

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Direct Mail Letters Aren’t Your Only Option!


Postcards are a perfect direct mail product when you want to make a big impact in a small space. Postcards effortlessly stand out in the mail, making it easy for your customers and prospects to quickly understand your unique message.

direct mail postcards


Folded self-mailers are the perfect option for when your brand has a bigger story to share than a postcard provides and you don’t want to hide your message in an envelope. The beauty of the self-mailer format is that it can have multiple panels or pages, bound together, folded, and sealed to meet all postal requirements.

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Learn More About Envelope-Mailers FAQs

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    How many pieces can I insert into my envelope?

    As many as you want really, but you may pay higher postage if you go overweight. Our partners average 3 inserts plus the outer envelope. The biggest factor in deciding how many pieces you can insert is the final weight of the envelope and all components. To qualify for the lowest postage rates, it needs to be 3.5 oz or less for Automated rates, and 4.0 oz or less for Enhanced Carrier Route rates.

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    How custom can I make my envelopes?

    As custom as you want! You can choose your size, how many colors you want including full-bleed, messaging, and even a die-cut. We do it all in-house too! We’ll also make sure it meets USPS requirements.

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    Is there a minimum or maximum quantity I can print & mail with you?

    Since we specialize in high-volume printing and mailing, jobs under 2,000 pieces may be charged minimums. For large quantities, there is no maximum!

Discover More Direct Mail Tips & Trends! is a third-generation print and mail company serving direct marketers of all company sizes for 50+ years. Every member of our team is dedicated to your campaign success. When you join our family of printing and mailing service experts, you get all of the support and none of the drama. is a third-generation print and mail company serving direct marketers of all company sizes for 50+ years. Every member of our team is dedicated to your campaign success. When you join our family of printing and mailing service experts, you get all of the support and none of the drama.

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