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Direct mail letters are the perfect way to make a strong connection with your target audience. They provide privacy for confidential messages, enable virtually unlimited content length, and have a professional feel that builds credibility and trust.

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Benefits of Direct Mail Letter Marketing

More Space for Content

Direct mail marketing letters can contain multiple printed pages, giving you virtually unlimited space for your message.

Customizable Envelopes

Stand out in the mailbox with colorful custom envelopes that immediately make an impact. 

Multiple Components

Pair printed letters with coupons, newsletters, tear-off cards, QR codes, and return envelopes for an engaging brand experience.

Private and Confidential

Send confidential information in prospect and customer letters without worrying about privacy concerns.

Staying Power

Consumers keep direct mail advertising in their household for 17 days on average. That’s a lot of time for your message to be seen!

Direct Mail Letters Offer the Widest Range of Uses

Direct mail marketing materials offer a diverse array of options for your direct mail campaign giving you flexibility to provide your audience with multiple interconnected pieces such as newsletters, redeemers, gift slips, and remittance envelopes. Combine with tear-off coupons, personalized content, and custom envelopes for an engaging campaign that gets opened every time.

Confidential Mailers

Keep your campaign private with a personalized letter and a custom privacy envelope. Perfect for business correspondence or campaigns containing sensitive information. Easy to produce and quick to mail!

Confidential mailers make mailing private information easy

Multi-Component Mailers

Multi-component mailers offer an amazing amount of personalization and include a letter, full-color newsletter, a tear-off giving card, and a return envelope, all printed, folded, and inserted into a customized envelope. Great for complex campaigns or special promotions.

Multi-component mailers provide multiple ways to shine for your prospective customers
Guide: Everything you need to know about Envelope Mailers

Everything You Need to Know About Direct Mail Letters

Considering a postcard campaign? This guide is for you. Get details from the experts on everything from sizing and layout options to USPS regulations.

Direct Mail Services From Concept to Mailbox offers a full suite of printing and mailing services that make it easy to create beautiful, bold, and effective direct mail campaigns with no drag on your internal team. We’re experts at securely processing and working with complex data and art files to produce 1-to-1 direct mail marketing pieces from start to finish.

Learn more about our 100% in-house direct mail services and what it’s like to work with us.
Learn about our direct mail services
Campaign Management
Campaign Management

Our team of mailing experts will make sure your project goes out on time and on budget.

Data & List Services
Data & List Services

Our In-house data team helps get your targeting and mailing list right.

Learn how our in-house data team helps with your mailing lists
Precision Printing
Precision Printing

Decades of experience printing high quality mail pieces paired with state-of-the-art equipment.

Learn about our precision printing services
Personalization with Variable Data
Personalization with Variable Data

Create one-to-one campaigns with variable data printing.

Learn how variable data printing lets you create personalized direct mail campaigns
USPS Verification & Mailing
USPS Verification & Mailing

On-site USPS verification means no wait times, faster turnaround time, and guaranteed accuracy.

Learn how our in-house USPS verification and Seamless Acceptance works for you
Envelope Conversion
Envelope Conversion

Make your direct mail campaign stand out with envelope mailers that offer a professional look, privacy, and personalization.

Learn about our custom envelope printing and conversion services is our main print vendor. This team produces great results for us, and our clients’ mailed newsletters are perfect every time. I recommend them to anyone. Their customer service is above and beyond too. We always have a live person to communicate with who gets us answers right away. It’s a relief knowing I don’t have to worry about a thing on jobs we give them.

Bethany, Senior Print Account Manager, Practice Promotions printing area

The Difference is a third-generation family business located in Phoenix Arizona. With nearly 60 years of direct mail experience, we specialize solely on printing and mailing and helping brands create and manage exceptional print-based brand experiences on time and on budget.

Learn about the difference
Award-Winning Customer Service

Have a question or need to brainstorm your next direct mail marketing strategy? No chatbots, long hold times, or support tickets. When you reach out you talk to a real person who knows your business, your account, and your campaign details. No exceptions.

On-Site USPS Verification

Rest easy knowing that your sales letters, fundraising letters, and other direct mail projects meet regulations and leave our facility ready for the mail stream immediately upon arrival at the USPS. This saves your campaign an average of 30 hours of wait time at the USPS.

Print & Mail In-House

When you work with us, your entire campaign is printed and mailed in-house which means we can guarantee quality and accuracy. When your project is done printing it goes directly to our mailing team for addressing, sorting, and mailing. No need to manage your print and mail separately.

Have a Project in Mind?

Our team of mailing experts is standing by to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pieces can I insert into my envelope?

As many as you want really, but you may pay higher postage if you go overweight. Our partners average 3 inserts plus the outer envelope. The biggest factor in deciding how many pieces you can insert is the final weight of the envelope plus all components. To qualify for the lowest postage rates, it needs to be 3.5 oz or less for Automated rates, and 4.0 oz or less for Enhanced Carrier Route rates.

How custom can I make my envelopes?

As custom as you want! You can choose your size, how many colors you want including full-bleed, messaging, and even a die-cut. We do it all in-house too! We’ll also make sure it meets USPS requirements.

Is there a minimum or maximum quantity I can print & mail with you?

Since we specialize in high-volume printing and mailing, jobs under 2,000 pieces may be charged minimums. For large quantities, there is no maximum!

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