Direct Mail Postcards

Even with all of the multi-channel digital marketing, direct mail is still one of the most powerful forms of advertising. And the most popular type of direct mail marketing is the postcard. Direct mail postcards are quick to produce, cost-effective, and get noticed in the mailbox. It’s why we love them!

Postcard Mailing Services That Help Your Brand Stand Out

Postcards give you the power to reach your customers, and create new ones, by standing out in the mail and getting ahead of the competition. We’d love to help get your brand noticed by printing and mailing a stunning, bold postcard. Here’s how we help you put together postcards that work!

Mailing Lists

Direct Mail Postcards

There are a few ways we can help here! We can always work with your house list or work with you to put together a purchased list that reaches your ideal audience.

Print & Mail

USPS direct mail

We’re experts at producing high-quality direct mail postcards and accurately getting them ready for mailing so they reach your audience quickly and effortlessly.

Variable Data Capabilities

printing and mailing tips

This feels like direct mail’s best-kept secret. Using variable data within your postcard mail campaign is a simple way to go that extra step and provide a more personal experience for each recipient. Win-win!

Explore the Benefits of Postcard Marketing

Instant Gratification

Your target market opens their mailbox and immediately feels the full effect of your unique brand, product or service, and call-to-action.

Reaches Your Audience

Use audience data to send postcards to segmented lists, so your offers are for the right person at the right place at the right time.

Pairs With Other Channels

Combine your postcard marketing efforts with other offline and online marketing campaign elements for top results.

Easy Messaging

Postcards come in many sizes and can be laid out in many ways. This makes it easy to focus people’s attention quickly on your brand, message, and offer.

Quick to Produce

Postcards are the quickest type of direct mail to produce giving you fast access to your audience!

Staying Power

Did you know? Consumers keep direct mail advertising in their household for 17 days on average. That’s a lot of time for your message to be seen!

Postcard Examples for Inspiration

Postcards Aren’t Your Only Option!

Envelope Mailers

One of the most popular direct mail formats is the envelope mailer. It allows for many different letters, stories, donation slips, and return envelopes to be included in one clean, compact package. They provide the ultimate privacy for confidential messages and other personalization while at the same time offer the ability to create a colorful, impactful custom envelope so your letter stands out and gets opened.


A self-mailer refers to any piece of direct mail that has been folded and sealed shut and does not require an envelope. It is popular because it allows you to expand your story-telling area by adding one or more panels yet still folds down to a letter-sized piece. Any message or materials sealed inside are kept secure until opened. With their simple format and eye-catching presence, self-mailers command attention and do a great job of getting your message seen and read.

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Direct Mail Postcard FAQs

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    How long would it take to print and mail my postcards?

    Our recommended turnaround time is 5-7 business days once we have your artwork approval.

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    Is there a minimum or maximum quantity I can print with you?

    Since we specialize in high-volume printing and mailing, jobs under 2,000 pieces may be charged minimums. For large quantities, there is no maximum!

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    Do you offer design services?

    We sure do! Our graphic designers know what works and what doesn’t in direct mail. We have a lot of experience designing everything from postcards to envelopes with an emphasis on direct mail response and requirements.

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