Direct Mail Marketing for Nonprofits

For nearly 60 years we’ve printed and mailed more than 80 million pieces of direct mail for fundraising campaigns, academic institutions, faith-based organizations, food distribution groups, and illness-related charities. In the process we’ve helped them secure millions of dollars in donations with direct mail marketing campaigns.

Increase Fundraising with Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail is a key component of every strong multichannel nonprofit campaign, engaging your audience with vibrant, personalized brand experiences that drive results. Our partners consistently report that direct mail proves to be one of the most effective channels for their fundraising efforts and can result in a 40% increase in online donations.

Staying Power

Recipients keep direct mail advertising for 17 days on average. That’s a lot of time for your message to be seen!

QR Code Integration

Add QR codes to your mailer to take donors directly to your donation page via their smartphone.

Nonprofit Permit

Enjoy reduced postal rates by using a nonprofit permit. If you don’t have a permit but you can use our permit instead.

Personalized Content

Segment your audience data and personalize your message with variable data to increase campaign response rate.

Successful Nonprofit Campaigns

  • YMCA Registration Postcard
    Offered camp sign-ups to underprivileged youth with a bright and engaging postcard to promote the summer camp and registrations.
  • Arizonans for Children Donation Postcard
    Bright, engaging postcard campaign encouraging recipients to donate to receive a tax credit.
  • Esperança Quarterly Newsletter
    Multi-component envelope mailer that shares updates and images about the Esperança mission.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Donation Campaign
    Multi-component envelope mailer with custom envelope and donation return envelope.
  • YMCA Spring Postcard Campaign
    Quarterly postcard campaign encouraging recipients to scan the QR code and sign up for spring activities through the YMCA. prints & mails all our direct mail fundraising campaigns! They are the best around and specialize in high quality prints and their knowledge in laser personalization appeals for our mailings to donors is 5 star!

Desiree Desarden Director of Communication, K.A.U.S.E.

Appeal to Your Donors with the Right Direct Mail Products

Direct mail for nonprofits comes in many shapes and sizes. Which format to use for your direct mail fundraising strategies depends on what you want to say, the type of donation, and the actions that need to be taken.

Envelope Mailers

The most popular nonprofit direct mail format is the envelope mailer because It allows for multiple letters, stories, donation slips, and return envelopes to be included in one clean, compact package. They also provide privacy for confidential messages, opportunities for personalization, and the ability to create a custom envelope so your letter stands out and gets opened.

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Multi-component mailers provide multiple ways to shine for your prospective customers

Self Mailers

Self-mailers are popular with nonprofits because they offer multiple full color panels to tell your story but fold down into a compact letter-sized piece. Any message or materials sealed inside are kept secure until opened. With their simple format and eye-catching layout, self-mailers help your message command attention in the mailbox.

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Postcards are a cost-effective way to encourage donations, announce an event, or send a quick thank you to your donors. They come in multiple sizes and are known for standing out in mailboxes and getting their messages noticed right off the bat.

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Customer Service is a Cornerstone of Our Company

In addition to working directly with one of our expert Account Executives, every partner is paired with a knowledgeable dedicated Project Coordinator. As a team, they are on-hand to answer your questions, provide project updates, and ensure every project is produced accurately and on time.

Gold 2022 Stevie Award Winner for Sales & Customer Service
Award-Wining Customer Service

We Won Gold at the 2022 Stevie® Awards for Front-Line Sales & Customer Service.

Direct Mail Services From Concept to Mailbox offers a full suite of printing and mailing services that make it easy to create beautiful, bold, and effective direct mail campaigns with no drag on your internal team. We’re experts at securely processing and working with complex data and art files to produce 1-to-1 direct mail marketing pieces from start to finish.

Learn more about our 100% in-house direct mail services and what it’s like to work with us.
Working With Us
Campaign Management
Campaign Management

Our team of mailing experts will make sure your project goes out on time and on budget.

Data & List Services
Data & List Services

Our In-house data team helps get your targeting right.

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Precision Printing
Precision Printing

Decades of experience printing high quality mail pieces paired with state-of-the-art equipment.

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Personalization with Variable Data
Personalization with Variable Data

Create one-to-one campaigns with variable data printing.

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USPS Verification & Mailing
USPS Verification & Mailing

On-site USPS verification means no wait times, faster turnaround time, and guaranteed accuracy.

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Envelope Conversion
Envelope Conversion

Make your direct mail campaign stand out with envelope mailers that offer a professional look, privacy, and personalization.

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Why Non-Profits Rely on is a third-generation family business located in Phoenix Arizona. With nearly 60 years of direct mail experience, we specialize solely on printing and mailing and helping brands create and manage exceptional print-based brand experiences on time and on budget.

Award-Winning Customer Service

Have a question or need to brainstorm? When you reach out you talk to a real person who knows your business, your account, and your campaign details. No chatbots. No long hold times. No support tickets. No exceptions.

On-Site USPS Verification

Rest easy knowing that your direct mail projects meet regulations and leave our facility ready for the mail stream immediately upon arrival at the USPS. This saves your campaign an average of 30 hours of wait time at the USPS.

Print & Mail In-House

When you work with us, your entire campaign is printed and mailed in-house which means we can guarantee quality and accuracy. When your project is done printing it goes directly to our mailing team for addressing, sorting, and mailing. No need to manage your print and mail separately.

Have a Project in Mind?

Our team of mailing experts is standing by to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a nonprofit but don’t have a permit to mail. Can I still mail?

You sure can! We have a nonprofit permit that many of our nonprofit partners take advantage of, it makes it simple for you! We also have a Mail Anywhere permit which means we can send your mail anywhere in the country and earn discounted nonprofit postage rates for you

What kind of customer support is available?

Only the best! Our 1-to-1 approach ensures that your projects are supported by one of our direct mail experts. You always get a quick response from a real person, no bots, no long wait times, ever. And we’re proud to be backed by the gold standard of customer service recognition, The Stevie* Award.

What printing capabilities do you have?

We specialize in two types of commercial printing: offset and digital. We have multiple offset presses, a handful of large digital presses. These presses allow us to meet our partners’ designs, volumes and timelines seamlessly!

Is there a limit on the amount of personalization you can accept?

Essentially, there is no limit to the number of data fields and personalization we can accept. Our clients send us data files with hundreds of fields we use to create 1-to-1 mailing pieces.

Do you have online ordering and is it secure?

Several of our partners have a custom web-based ordering process using our SFTP site. This can be developed for you if you request! Our network is protected with the latest SonicWall products as well as security-protected data servers.

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