Direct Mail Quality Control

Here at, we ensure impeccable quality through a rigorous direct mail quality control process that consistently delivers top-notch results.

We Exceed Industry Standards

At, we take quality control seriously across every aspect of our operations, including account management. From data processing to printing and mailing, our mailing service maintains rigorous practices to ensure exceptional accuracy, consistency, and efficiency. Our dedicated team follows stringent protocols, utilizing advanced technologies and meticulous checks to deliver superior quality control that exceeds industry standards, giving our clients peace of mind and confidence in their mailing campaigns.

Eliminate Addressing Errors

We automate address cleansing tools like CASS and NCOALink to reduce mistakes caused by human error or address changes.

Prevent Printing Errors

We thoroughly review documents using quality control checklists and camera-based systems to catch time-consuming programming, maintenance, and operator errors in printing.

Eliminate Finishing and Inserting Errors

We combine human checks, camera inspections, and software reviews to reduce mistakes during finishing and inserting processes.

Optimize Delivery Accuracy

We focus on address quality and consider cost-effective tracking options for both external and internal deliveries.

Data Quality Control Process

Direct mail marketing campaigns demand precise data quality control to guarantee smooth mail production. Our refined data quality control process takes charge of this crucial phase, ensuring a clean mailing list and seamless execution of your direct mail campaigns.


Data Submission and Receipt: Customers securely transmit their mailing data through SFTP or email.


Customized Data Processing: Tailored routines are applied to each client’s data. These routines encompass specific instructions for job processing, encompassing factors like perfs, color schemes, static content, and variable data elements.


Job Count Generation: An automated input program generates comprehensive job counts, encompassing the count of envelopes, statements, inserts, and other components vital to the mailing.


Maximizing Postal Discounts: We leverage an optimized bulk mail program to capitalize on postal discounts, ensuring cost-efficiency in your mailing campaign.


Data Alignment and Validation: The integrity of data alignment and consistency between input and output are verified to ensure alignment within the project streams before submission to the printer.


Approval by Data Manager: The data quality control process culminates in the final signoff by our experienced data manager, affirming the accuracy and readiness of the data for the subsequent printing phase.

Printing Quality Control Process

The quality control process for printing adds a level of additional review to your printed materials, not only at pre-press but also during printing.


Transition from Data Quality Control: Files that have successfully passed through the data quality control phase are handed over to the printing quality control team through the output program.


Spooling and Printer Allocation: Files are sorted and allocated to the appropriate printers within the dedicated spooling area.


Pre-press Verification: Before proceeding with full-scale production, our team conducts a triple-check verification process on input and output files, confirming their readiness for printing.


Quality Sampling: Two mailing piece samples are taken from each job, ensuring accurate data placement, alignment of perfs (if applicable), and precise address/window positioning.


PrePress Manager Approval: Physical samples and printed materials are evaluated and signed off by our PrePress manager.


Full-Scale Printing and Periodic Checks: After sample approval, the data is released for complete printing. We conduct regular print and data integrity checks at every 1250 sheets to ensure continued quality.


Quantity and Additional Inserts: We check the correct quantity of each job. Any additional static pieces scheduled for insertion with the printed material are separately printed based on the instructions linked to the job ticket in FileMaker.


Comprehensive Documentation: The total count is documented and signed off on by the operator at the end of the production run.

Mailing Quality Control Process

The final stop of your direct mail campaign is the mailing house, where our mail quality control team takes possession of the materials.


Transition to Staging: Printing materials are moved from the printing area to staging for the mailing process.


Approval by Mailroom Manager: Materials and machine template setup must be reviewed and approved by the mailroom manager before the job is run.


Insert Quantity and Collateral Verification: We verify the number of inserts and ensure all accompanying collateral is ready for insertion into envelopes.


Precision through Camera Verification: A camera verification system is used during the inserter process to ensure accurate matching of numbers.


Rigorous Mail Metering: We conduct mail metering to identify and reject incorrectly printed or misaligned statements.


Stringent Mail Match Checks: For Mail Matches, a minimum of 2 random spot checks are performed and documented with a signature.


Cross-Verification and Sorting: Production paperwork is compared from printing to mailing to confirm quantity alignment, followed by sorting and tray preparation based on zip codes. This ensures the proper order and format before finalizing paperwork for the post office.

The Difference is a third-generation family business located in Phoenix Arizona. With nearly 60 years of direct mail experience, we specialize solely on printing and mailing and helping brands create and manage exceptional print-based brand experiences on time and on budget.

Award-Winning Customer Service

Have a question or need to brainstorm? When you reach out you talk to a real person who knows your business, your account, and your campaign details. No chatbots. No long hold times. No support tickets. No exceptions.

On-Site USPS Verification

Rest easy knowing that your direct mail projects meet regulations and leave our facility ready for the mail stream immediately upon arrival at the USPS. This saves your campaign an average of 30 hours of wait time at the USPS.

Print & Mail In-House

When you work with us, your entire campaign is printed and mailed in-house which means we can guarantee quality and accuracy. When your project is done printing it goes directly to our mailing team for addressing, sorting, and mailing. No need to manage your print and mail separately.

Have a Project in Mind?

Our experienced team of printing and mailing experts is ready to help exceed expectations for your project. Whether it’s data processing, printing, or mailing, we have the expertise and dedication to ensure your campaign is executed flawlessly.

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