Folded Self-Mailers

Self-Mailers Share Your Message.

Folded self-mailers allow you to expand your message by adding panels and then folding to maintain lower postage rates.

Self-Mailers Get Noticed

A folded self-mailer refers to any piece of direct mail that has been folded and sealed shut and does not require an envelope. It can be anything from a folded card to an elaborate brochure, catalog or newsletter. With their simple engaging design and eye-catching presence, self-mailers command attention and ensure that your message is seen, read and shared.

Instead of using an envelope, self-mailers are designed so that the address, postage, and other mailing information can be printed directly on the piece. It must be sealed shut using either tabs or other adhesives approved by the Post Office.

So Many Great Options

This powerful, cost-effective direct mail format really does provide a lot of options. It allows you to expand your messaging area by adding one or more panels yet still folds down to a letter-sized piece, keeping your postage as low as possible, and meeting all postal requirements. 

The folded self-mailer format is also perfect if you have some personal messages you need to send. It keeps that content secure until your customer opens the mailer. Get creative with your design or let us design a custom folded self-mailer for you! Request a free quote at any time. See our gallery of options below.

Self-Mailer Gallery

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