Are Your Print and Mail Services Up to Speed?

As a direct marketing manager or marketing director at a large business or corporate company, a major component of your success — and by extension, that of your company — is dependent on your direct mail marketing efficiency and quality. Your marketing campaign — fairly or not — is a direct reflection of the quality of their print and mail services.

To feel satisfied that your direct mail marketing meets the standards of today’s highly competitive marketing industry, you must be able to answer “yes” to three fundamental questions:


Does your vendor use high-quality printing equipment?

This might be a serious question to ask. You must know you are getting the absolute best price for the printing of your project. It is critical to — at a minimum — meet industry standards with respect to direct mail equipment. Potential customers are fully aware of modern printing technologies and what it can produce. If all the aspects of your direct mail campaign are handled in-house, then it is not difficult for you to determine whether or not the printing equipment being used for your marketing campaigns is up to date.
If you outsource your printing and mailing, you must be diligent in your effort to find a service provider that it meets the standards of the new printing technology. You should expect the highest quality and durability for the mail stream.

How are the mailing capabilities of the direct mail company you hired?

Handling the mailing capabilities in house saves both time and money. Your printed project, if you have the necessary mailing equipment, remains in your hands until it is mailed off or shipped. Even if you are outsourcing the printing, it is critical the printing company has direct mail capabilities in-house. If they do not, you will assume the costs either in money or quality of service or in the quality of your direct mail marketing printings.


Does the print and mail services company have on-site USPS Verification?

The direct mail vendor you are outsourcing with must have both mail capabilities in house and on-site USPS Verification. USPS Verification saves time and money. Do not saddle yourself with worry wondering if your mail project will meet USPS regulations. If the direct mail company has on-site USPS verification your mail is verified right then to ensure its success before it leaves the direct mail facility. If you cannot answer “yes” to those three questions, it is time to make changes.

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