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USPS Verification

In-House USPS Verification

Our in-house, full suite of mailing services allow your campaign to go from press to the Post Office without leaving the building. Once your job has been printed, our experienced mailing team takes over. They use heavy-duty, high-volume equipment to address, stamp, fold, tab, and add inserts or any extras that your piece requires. The mailing team and our machines help get your campaign out the door and on its way to your customers quickly and seamlessly. 

Our high volume of print and mail produced on a daily basis has earned us the opportunity to have an on-site, USPS-staffed verification office. This ensures prompt, daily attention to all of your campaigns to verify size, weight, and rate, eliminating the chance of mail rejection or postal fines. It also reduces costs and saves time with no back and forth to an off-site USPS office allowing you to get faster, less expensive, and more efficient processing you can depend on.

We are certified experts at preparing mail for the Post Office. You can rely on us to accurately process your campaigns. Call us or request your free direct mail quote today!

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