4 Questions to Ask When Finding Direct Mail Solutions for Your Company

Every business is constantly looking for ways to increase market share, engage new buyers and re-engage lost customers. In an effort to achieve these goals and improve your marketing, you need the right direct mail partner. Your partner must have experience in the business, and be willing to push the envelope to help you meet your goals.

Here are questions you can ask potential partners to help you find the right direct mail solutions:

1. Do you have experience in audience segmentation?

At the heart of direct mail marketing is the ability to identify your audience, divide it into segments, tailor your message for each segment and ensure your mailing and delivery is as precise as possible.

Hint: If you come across a direct mail company with a ‘one size fits all’ solution, walk away, and find someone who is willing to invest in understanding your audience.

2. Do I get exclusivity on mailing lists?

Your direct mail campaign will often rely on rented lists, which other companies can also access. You need to ask whether other companies in the same business have had access or are currently using the same lists. This will help you structure your message and marketing strategy.

Hint: If other companies have had access to the list, you might want to get a different list or structure your message to compete with other companies.

3. Can I speak with your current and former customers?

While shopping around for a direct mail solution, you may not have access to online reviews or customer feedback to help you in the decision making process. The best way to know if this is the right partner is to speak to former and current customers to understand the company better. Their experience will guide you in the decision-making process, and help you gauge whether their delivery is in line with your goals.

4. Do you mail my campaign in-house?

In order to receive the highest quality and fastest service, you need to make sure your direct mail company is set up properly for fulfilling your mailing project in-house. Be sure your direct mail solution handles the entire mailing process for you, and that they do not outsource the mail fulfillment. If they do not mail in-house this means another company does the mail fulfillment eventually costing you extra money and leaving room for error.

Hint: A credible and reliable direct mail company will not only handle mail fulfillment in-house, but they will have on-site USPS verification. This means your mail is fully verified and meets USPS regulations before it is delivered to the USPS facility. 

Success in direct mail starts with finding the right partner. Identify potential partners in your area, interview them, and then assess their track record before settling on one service provider. The search process will help you find a partner with the right solutions for your company.  

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