3 Essential Services a Direct Mailing Company Must Provide

When executed correctly, direct mail continues to be a highly profitable marketing medium. The Data & Marketing Association’s 2017 Response Rate Report found that direct mail response rates reach 5.1% for house lists and 2.9% for prospect lists, compared with a 2% rate achieved by digital channels.

To achieve these response rates and a high Return on Investment (ROI), your mail must be delivered intact, on-time, and to its intended recipient. Partnering with the right direct mailing company is essential for achieving these objectives.

In particular, you must find a direct mailing partner who offers you these three distinct benefits:

1. Amazing Customer Service

Building a strong partnership with your direct mailing company is essential for creating a strong direct mail campaign; the quality of customer service you achieve is often reflective of the overall quality of service you are receiving.

Your questions, comments, and concerns should be handled with the respect they deserve – and that means no machines, no long on-hold times, and no hoops to jump through to reach someone helpful.

2. In-House Printing and Mailing Capabilities

Your direct mailing company should be printing and mailing everything in-house using the latest technology. It is essential these services are provided in-house for several reasons:

  • Service – A partner who is committed to providing on-site services will be investing in the latest technology.
  • Response – On-site services can adjust quickly should you need to make changes to your mailing strategy.
  • Value – Many mailing companies charge for in-house services then delegate certain services to other businesses. Make sure you’re getting what you’re paying for.
  • Security – You know who is handling your mailing lists and marketing.
  • Reliability – The less businesses involved, the stronger and more visible your supply chain. This decreases the risk of a critical failure that could delay your marketing

3. On-Site USPS Verification

To achieve a quicker overall turn around time for your project, your mail must be delivered correctly. Meeting USPS regulations takes time, expertise, and money – all resources that you can save by working with a partner who includes USPS verification as part of their service. Correct USPS verification will ensure your post is delivered on-time and accurately, enabling the greatest possible response rate and ROI.

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