6 Tips to Improve Your Direct Mail Results

As clutter declines in direct mail marketing, engagement is growing to redefine how businesses approach direct marketing, according to Data and Marketing Association. With an ROI of $7 for every dollar, direct mail can help you achieve your marketing targets fast. 

6 tips to help you improve your direct mail results include:

1. Aim to impress

A great design reinforces your message and helps you stand out. Follow basic design rules, and then get creative. Outsource the services to your direct mail vendor if necessary to create a design that will impress your customers on the envelope and overall letter.

2. Targeted marketing

Learn and understand your audience. Knowing your audience helps you use a targeted approach with your campaign, which helps you improve direct mail results. You also save a lot of money, helping you improve your ROI. The best approach when creating a list for your audience is to work with a reputable business; alternatively, consider renting a list to help you minimize expenses.

3. Commitment

Direct mailing takes time before your audience takes notice; you need to send at least six letters to start feeling the impact of your marketing. Once you narrow down your mailing list, plan your mailing schedule. Break down your information into smaller independent bits you can mail six times or more, instead of sending a bulky letter. Sending several mails increases you chances of engaging your audience to open the letter.

4. Finances

Direct mail costs money. Plan your budget and look for cost-cutting opportunities early. For example, really narrowing in on your target audience and only mailing to the exact persona within a few zip codes will help cut costs. Time is equivalent to money: take the time to do a cost analysis, it will help you choose a direct mail plan that fits your business’s individual goals. 

5. Message

You are competing against a number of businesses for your clients’ attention; find a way to make your message unique and more appealing to your target audience. Customers want to know the solution you are offering; do not bore them with a detailed resume or past deals. Offer the solution in simple terms and end with a compelling call to action. Your message should follow these three basic elements:

  • An offer
  • Information for immediate acceptance of the offer
  • Simple mechanism customers use to respond to the offer

6. Open Communication

Create an open communication channel customers can use to reach you. For example, provide a toll-free number with customer care representatives to respond to questions and/or inquiries. Consider your response capacity before sending out mails; for example, send out your mail in batches to create a little time between calls and give your team room to handle the call volume.

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