4 Original Direct Mail Ideas to Help You Brainstorm Your Next Campaign

As technology and marketing trends change, there are new ideas in direct mail marketing to take your campaign to the next level. It pays off to watch out for new industry trends and technology so your campaign remains fresh and engaging for your customers and prospects!

These four original direct mail ideas will help you start brainstorming your next campaign.

Multiple folds

Spice up your direct mail projects with a design that allows you to create endless folds. The design will impress and leave your audience excited as they try to manipulate the packaging, unfolding each piece to reach the next page. It also builds up curiosity as they are anxious to discover what is hidden under each fold. Use incentives such as coupons, discount vouchers and exclusive sales to reward the readers, with the grand prize/offer in the last fold.

Tip-on card

A tip-on card allows you to share coupons, special promotions, or business cards on your direct mail project. The cards come in different sizes and styles so you can customize them for your campaign and brand. They are applied to your direct mail piece with an adhesive that will not damage your project or leave a residue. They are a simple and effective way to add an engaging element to your direct mail campaign. With the right tip-on equipment, you can glue virtually anything on your direct mail.

Full face window envelopes

Full face window envelopes help you show the entire content of your mail to your audience in a unique way. The large window gives the reader just enough information to make them curious to open it while the envelope offers engaging hands-on experience. Since this method isn’t widely used you get to capture the readers’ attention faster, edging out the competition.

The 3D effect

Another direct mail idea is to introduce something new to your audience with envelopes that contain an extra dimension, creating an interesting and bulky package. If you are looking to increase your response rate, consider investing in dimensional pieces. Start small and simple, and grow gradually to accommodate more complex dimensional designs.

We’ve got your creative covered

Creativity in your direct mail campaign will increase your open and response rate. While most ideas involve a considerable budget, consider it an investment that is likely to increase your ROI and transform the client experience.

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