Variable data printing (VDP) is on-demand fast paced digital printing that allows you to customize a wide variety of text and images throughout your direct mail campaign. Variable data for direct mail is becoming increasingly popular as people crave personalization and offers that reflect their purchasing behaviors. Our variable data team has numerous years of experience to guide you through the in’s and out’s of your variable data printing options.

Variable Data Printing Services Include:

  • High-volume digitally printed jobs to help you create a memorable direct mail
    campaign to a large audience.
  • All variable data images are printed with stunning detail due to the high DPI
    rating of our digital presses.
  • VDP runs last longer with an extensive paper capacity and lighting
    fast pages per minute (ppm).
  • Machine set up is completely automated so prep work time
    is reduced significantly.
  • Duplex printing always available.

Learn more about the printing services we offer in conjunction with our variable data services. 

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