3 Tips to Maximize Your Mail Delivery Times

With smart planning, your direct mail will be printed, processed, and delivered on time to your customers and prospects. In this guide we’ll teach you how you can be in control and ensure that your direct mail gets delivered on time by the U.S. Postal Service.

Need to Reduce Your Mail Delivery Times? We’ve Got You Covered

Meeting your direct mail delivery times involves multiple varied steps and more moving parts — some that literally move — that have to be a part of your planning.

In This Guide We’ll Teach You:

  • How you can use CASS and NCOA to your advantage
  • The delivery times for different mail classes and how they affect your campaign
  • How drop-shipping can help speed up your mail delivery and save on postage
  • How presorting your mail can decrease processing times
  • The importance of Intelligent Mail barcodes

We’re Here to Help

At mailing.com, we understand the many factors that go into ensuring reliable and scheduled delivery your mail. Need help with an upcoming campaign? Our team is standing by to help.