Direct Mail Marketing for Non-Profits

We’ve helped non-profit groups and their agencies produce fundraising direct mail marketing for the last 20 years. Our non-profit work with academic institutions, faith-based organizations, food distribution groups, and illness-related charities has produced over 80 million direct mail pieces. Our partners love direct mail because it’s a personal way to communicate, and a key component of any strong multichannel non-profit campaign. Your unique story shines and engages your donors and future donors.

Why Non-Profits Rely on

50 Years Expertise

Direct Mail Postcards

We’ve partnered with some of the largest, most successful non-profits in the country. There’s no project too big or too complicated. We have the production horsepower to accurately produce a variety of direct mail formats and maximize your postal discounts.

Non-Profit Permit

USPS direct mail

Non-profit organizations enjoy significantly reduced postal rates by using a Non-Profit Permit when mailing. If you don’t have a permit but you are a qualifying organization, you can use our “Mail Anywhere” permit.

Variable Data Capabilities

variable data printing

Many non-profits rely on their data to drive strategy, personalization, and results with direct mail. We’re experts at securely accepting and using your data to produce personalized pieces, allowing you to fully customize your images, messages, and requests by the donor or potential donor.

Non-Profit Direct Mail Campaigns

We support you and your project through the direct mail process. Take a look at the variety of examples of non-profit campaigns we can produce for you and so much more!

Registration Promotion Postcard

This campaign offered camp sign-ups for underprivileged youth with a bright and engaging postcard to promote the summer camp and registrations.

Direct Mail Postcards

Milestone Achievement Letter

A key donor campaign for a worldwide charity announced the success of their website and how it has built an online community in every country in the world. Pretty amazing!

Donation Campaigns

90-day donation appeals campaign with stories, letters, testimonials, and perforated monthly donation slips.

Direct Mail Postcards

Storytelling Campaigns

Show your sponsors how much impact their contributions made and note the life-saving changes that happen with their generous donations.

Increase Fundraising with Direct Mail Marketing

With over 50 years in business, we’ve helped a variety of non-profits develop and achieve successful fundraising campaigns through direct mail marketing. We’ve seen a lot and we’ve learned a lot over the thousands of non-profit campaigns we’ve printed and mailed, and here’s what we know: direct mail has proven to be one of the most effective ways for non-profit agencies to secure donations. We also know that a direct mail program built on a solid data foundation is a must-have in any non-profit marketing plan.

Direct mail has shown to increase online donations by 40% to non-profits. Here’s some reasons why this is so successful for non-profits:

  • Your audience can read your piece whenever they want, again and again
  • It is a tangible and engaging experience opening and reading non-profit direct mail
  • Content can be versioned to appeal on a 1-to-1 basis to your entire mailing list
  • You can incorporate other technologies into direct mail such as QR codes, which take donors from direct mail to the donation page of your website via a smartphone photo

Appeal to Your Donors with the Right Direct Mail Products

Direct mail for non-profits comes in many shapes and sizes. Which format to use for your campaign depends on how much you want to say, how many different actions are being called out to your audience, and the type of donation. Here are the key three types of direct mail products we specialize in for non-profit organizations:

Envelope Mailers

The most popular non-profit direct mail format is the envelope mailer. It allows for many different letters, stories, donation slips, and return envelopes to be included in one clean, compact package. They provide the ultimate privacy for confidential messages and other personalization while at the same time offer the ability to create a colorful, impactful custom envelope so your letter stands out and gets opened.


A self-mailer refers to any piece of direct mail that has been folded and sealed shut and does not require an envelope. It is popular with non-profits because it allows you to expand your story-telling area by adding one or more panels yet still folds down to a letter-sized piece. Any message or materials sealed inside are kept secure until opened. With their simple format and eye-catching presence, self-mailers command attention and do a great job of getting your message seen and read.


While not the most popular format for non-profits, it is the most cost-saving option. Our partners use postcards to encourage donations, announce an event or just to say thank you to their amazing donors. Postcards come in sizes from small to oversized and are known for standing out in mailboxes and getting their messages noticed right off the bat.

direct mail postcards

Full-Service Direct Mail Marketing

We’re a full-service, solutions-orientated direct mail marketing company, which means we help our partners with everything they need for a successful campaign. Check out some of our services below!

Mailing List Processing

Direct Mail Postcards

Our expert list processing team maximizes your postal discounts and ensures there are no delays when the mail is entered into the postal stream.

Variable Data Printing

VDP Variable Data Printing

Whether you need just the salutation personalized or you have 35 variable elements per piece, we can help!

Mailing Services

direct mail plan

In-house services include high-speed folding, inserting, tabbing, sealing and sorting in addition to our on-site USPS verification office.

Ready to Get Your Custom Quote?

Non-Profit FAQs

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    I’m a Non-Profit but don’t have a permit to mail. Can I still mail?

    You sure can! We have a Non-Profit Permit that many of our Non-Profit partners take advantage of, it makes it simple for you! We also have a Mail Anywhere permit which means we can send your mail anywhere in the country and earn discounted Non-Profit postage rates for you

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    What kind of customer support is available?

    Only the best! Our 1-to-1 approach ensures that your projects are supported by one of our direct mail experts. You always get a quick response from a real person, no bots, no long wait times, ever. And we’re proud to be backed by the gold standard of customer service recognition, The Stevie* Award.

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    What printing capabilities do you have?

    We specialize in two types of commercial printing: offset and digital. We have multiple offset presses, a handful of large digital presses. These presses allow us to meet our partners’ designs, volumes and timelines seamlessly!

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    Is there a limit on the amount of personalization you can accept?

    Essentially, there is no limit to the number of data fields and personalization we can accept. Our clients send us data files with hundreds of fields we use to create 1-to-1 mailing pieces.

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    Do you have online ordering and is it secure?

    Several of our partners have a custom web-based ordering process using our SFTP site. This can be developed for you if you request! Our network is protected with the latest SonicWall products as well as security-protected data servers.

Don’t Miss Our Latest Direct Mail Tips! is a third-generation print and mail company serving direct marketers of all company sizes for 50+ years. Every member of our team is dedicated to your campaign success. When you join our family of printing and mailing service experts, you get all of the support and none of the drama. is a third-generation print and mail company serving direct marketers of all company sizes for 50+ years. Every member of our team is dedicated to your campaign success. When you join our family of printing and mailing service experts, you get all of the support and none of the drama.

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