Let’s Actually Hit Your Direct Mail Goals

To use direct mail effectively, you need goals and a strategy to achieve them. In this guide we’ll share 7 strategies to develop, support, and execute a plan with the right resources at the right time to meets your goals.

Defining Success is Not a Cut-and-Dry Process

Sometimes there may be more than one right answer, depending on which goal is most important to you. This guide will help you define your goals and figure out how to get the most out of your direct mail marketing campaigns.

Strategies We’ll Cover In This Guide:

  1. Setting your goals
  2. Focusing on audience
  3. Developing you message
  4. Design your creative
  5. Running a test
  6. Tracking & analyzing tour results
  7. Rolling out the winner

We’re Here to Help

At mailing.com, we understand the many factors that go into ensuring reliable and scheduled delivery your mail. Need help with an upcoming campaign? Our team is standing by to help.