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Data Management for Direct Mail Campaigns

It’s no secret that data is your strongest asset when mailing a direct mail campaign. Accurate, reliable, and up-to-date data enables you to make well-informed business decisions. Our team of data experts has the experience to help you get the most out of your data; from mailing lists to variable printing. 

Our software allows us to accurately prepare your mailing list to the proper USPS standards such as CASS, NCOA, and Delivery Sequence, maximizing your postal discounts. Every file is carefully reviewed to make sure it is programmed correctly for printing and addressing. 

We know that your data is sensitive, so high standards are kept ensuring its security. We handle personal and sensitive information from partners all over the country, and we consider maintaining the security of this data a vital mission. Our facility is in a secure building and access to our data center is only accessible with a security system access. 

We have years of experience working on complex campaigns using data segmentation of all kinds. We can help you put together a complete and cost-effective direct mail campaign to accomplish your goals. Call us or request your free quote today!

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