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Direct Mail Campaign Spotlight: Barclay’s Bank Delaware

In this post you will find a complete breakdown of the 2017 Barclays Bank Delaware’s direct mail campaign. It will cover the campaign front to back and at the end of the post you will find takeaway ideas! 

Mailed: September 2017

Marketer: Barclays Bank Delaware (Barclaycard)

The front of this acquisition campaign’s envelope is simple. A smiling couple is shown crossing a street while out shopping. The teaser is the only copy: “$200 Cash Rewards Bonus.”

Running through the photo is an abstract wave line, printed with a spot UV coating. It’s a design choice that supports, rather than distracts from the image and copy. On the back, the finish is applied to an image of the card as well as the swoosh. This makes its rich colors pop for both Barclays’ brand and Mastercard’s.

The back headline encourages the customer to “Take your cash rewards to another level,” and lists a few ways the Barclaycard makes this happen. Details, though, are saved for the components included in the envelope.

Unlike most credit card campaigns, this mailing does not include a traditional letter. The single sheet lacks a salutation, close, and signature. And instead of paragraphs, it relies on a 2-column design to pitch the CashForward World Mastercard.

At left, it lists the rewards cardmembers are entitled to, while on the right, it covers additional benefits. Each is designated with an icon that creates a quick visual association for that feature.

Immediately below, the call to action is a large blue arrow with “APPLY NOW” in reversed-out type. It points out 3 reply options to the prospect: web, phone, and postal mail.

Detailed information about the offer appears on the reverse side, while a separate insert handles all of the legal terms and conditions.

A separate folded insert repeats the quick rundown of benefits. On one of its panels, however, it bolsters the case for accepting the card. It adds a chart that shows how rewards “add up fast” thanks to spending on typical household purchases like groceries, utilities, and restaurants.

Wrapping it up

  • Help the reader to quickly scan your direct mail for relevant information by using icons and short phrases.
  • Make your call-to-action easy to find. 

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