7 Tips to Keep in Mind When Using B2B Direct Mail

B2B direct mail can be an essential part of your marketing mix if created correctly. 

There are many key components to keep in mind while designing and planning out your campaign. This list will keep you in top shape when you’re ready to send out your next project. 

Here are 7 factors to keep in mind while you are constructing your next B2B direct mail campaign:

1. Focus on your solution

Being too focused on products and services and not giving enough attention to the solutions they can provide. (Source: Demandbase and Ziff-Davis research studies)

2. Time and budget

Make sure you have the finance and time commitment so you can pursue larger companies and lead sources.

3. Know your audience

 Not having a clear understanding of the target audience, and not incorporating the use of house mailing list(s) limits the results of B2B direct mail campaigns.

4. Know the buying process

According to a Marketing Disruption Survey (ANA and McKinsey & Co), only 13% percent of businesses can definitely say they understand the decision-making process of their customers. 

5. Treat business’s as individuals

 Try not to assume all of your prospects need the same solution. Make sure the message of your B2B direct mail piece solves the problems of a like-minded audience.

6. Split-testing

Take the opportunity to test a headline or a call-to-action. For example test one headline with 50% of your mailing list and another one with the other half of your list to see which gets the best response.

7. Call-to-action

An unclear call-to-action can make it difficult for your prospects to respond. Take the time to make sure a call-to-action is simple and concise – whether they need to fill out a form online or make a call, make it crystal clear what steps they need to take.

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