7 Qualities of a Powerful Direct Mail Printer

Finding the right direct mail partner can seem like a huge task. Because there are many components to look out for when choosing. You don’t want to start a project and relationship with one company and realize halfway through the project that they aren’t right for your companies project needs. It takes thorough research and in some cases a visit out to see their facility. This post covers the top 7 things to look for when looking for that perfect direct mail partner. 

Top 7 qualities of a powerful direct mail printer:

1. Responsive customer service 

Not only must your response to problems be timely but also to routine requests for quotes and other mundane items. In many cases, a single point of contact – that is, a real person and not merely a “contact us” email address – is essential so that the customer knows exactly who to call or email when they have a particular need. In addition, appropriate follow-up after a project is completed will keep the lines of communication open for future projects.

2. Expertise and experience

Simply knowing the “rules of the game” in regards to direct mail campaigns is not enough. The best companies also have extensive experience in applying them. When considering a new direct mail vendor, be sure to question them about their most successful campaigns – both past and current.

3. Dedicated team members

All the knowledge and experience in the world is useless if your team is not willing to execute a campaign in the proper manner. Of course, the staff should be knowledgeable but they must also be willing to go the extra mile when small hiccups or major problems manifest themselves. Remember that it is your company that they are representing as well as their own.

4. The right equipment 

The technology associated with direct mail fulfillment – print, finishing and fulfillment as well as software – are constantly evolving and improving. The most successful direct mail vendors keep be up-to-date with the latest innovations and strive to update their infrastructure as often as possible.

5. Variable Data Printing (VDP) capability 

Bulk direct mail has its place in any marketing strategy but personalization through the VDP process increases both its response rate and its return on investment. People just like seeing their name in print an in marketing messages customized to their tastes.

6. On-Site USPS Verification

As the old saying goes,” Too many cooks spoil the broth.” With a direct mail campaign, you do not want to have your carefully crafted and printed direct mail pieces shipped off to a third-party for mail fulfillment. Instead, it is essential to retain a printer that offers in-house mailing services including the all-important, on-site USPS verification.

7. Complete transparency

No marketer needs to be blind-sided with a problem at the last possible moment. If anything untoward develops with your direct mail campaign, your vendor should immediately notify you and detail the steps they are going to take to rectify the situation. In other words, you should always be able to ascertain the status of your project with a minimum of difficulty.

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