6 Postcard Printing and Mailing Tips

Postcards are one of the most effective ways to get your direct mail campaign message out to

your target audience. Why postcards, you ask? Aren’t they so last year? Nope! Many marketing campaigns are only using digital mediums these days. They are sending out email after email and pouring money into paid ads, but they are missing the opportunity to truly engage get the attention of potential clients and customers.

Think about it. How many emails do we get in our inbox each and every day? Too many, right? In fact, we get so many emails that our natural inclination is to delete most of them. But, when we get actual pieces of mail from our mailbox—things we can physically hold in our hands—we usually take the time to look at each piece. If we see an attractive postcard with an intriguing offer, we are even more likely to read it rather than throwing it in the recycle bin.

These 6 tips can help you potentially increase your customer base and your profitability:

1. Determine the value of each new customer to your business 

 You can do this by estimating the lifetime value of your customer. Ask yourself these questions: How much does a customer spend each time they use your business? How long would you expect a customer to continue being a customer?

2. Develop your budget/investment based on potential outcome 

Once you have the value of each new customer, figure out how many new customers you would like to have. Then determine how much the campaign will cost to generate the desired number of new customers.

3. Do your target market homework 

Do your homework. Know everything you can about your customer base. The more information you have about them, the better.

4. Create an attractive “call to action

Your postcard printing and mailing needs to have a specific directive to entice potential customers to head your way. Keep it simple.

5. Keep the postcards coming 

You don’t want to stop with just one mailing. It typically takes 3-4 mailings to the same target audience to get the response you’re looking for.

6. Consider the size of your postcard 

Make sure the size of your postcard fits your message, offer, and images. You want your direct mail postcard to stand out. Spending a little extra on oversized cards can help you get the attention you are paying for. Postage is the same no matter what size postcard you choose.

Here’s the reality about postcard printing and mailing: it’s a tried and true method that can really work to your benefit. In fact, direct mail postcards are one of the fastest, most targeted ways to generate interest and profit for your business. Need more direct mail materials? Head over to contact us and learn how we can work for you. 

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