Lithographic Printing

Your direct-mail campaigns rely on speed and quality. Our 5-color offset presses are the workhorses that deliver on both for you.


Inline Processes Keep it Moving

Whether your campaign goes nationwide or neighborhood-wide, your job gets printed lightning-fast. All of our litho equipment uses H-UV ink curing technology so the ink dries as soon as it comes off the press. Your printing order goes right to the cutter without delay.

Then, your order moves on to our digital department for variable data printing or right to the mailroom for addressing. Got coupons? Our equipment can perforate and score in-line.

No-Excuses Quality Checks

Our multiple in-line quality checks assure you we won’t sacrifice quality and accuracy for speed. Our presses run three shifts a day, and we run maintenance checks daily to head off breakdowns.

Need for Speed

Our in-house timesavers cut your turnaround time. Here’s the equipment at your service:

  • 2 Komori LSX 529 presses running up to 24×30-inch sheets. Volume: 16,000 sheets/hour
  • 1 Komori Spica 429P press. Volume: 11,000 sheets/hour
  • 1 Diddie Glaser 860 web press with perfing tower running up to 17×17-inch sheets. Volume: 60,000 sheets/hour