How We Work

Visualize Working With Us.

We’ve partnered with hundreds of organizations of all sizes to print and mail quality direct mail using a formula that works!

Our Philosophy

Over time we’ve learned what’s important to us as a family-run business, what it takes to be successful in our industry, and what it takes to earn the trust and business of our partners. These characteristics are at the core of our family.

  • Maintain a dedicated team of direct mail fanatics
  • Operate with the highest integrity
  • Build trust with every interaction
  • Print and mail an outstanding product
  • Enjoy the adventure of working with our partners

Our Process

Here’s a rundown of how we work, so you can visualize your campaign with us from start to finish! 

  1. It all starts with a quote based on your project’s special requirements. We work with you to understand your goals, quantity, graphics, and drop date. If we have any recommendations to maximize our resources and minimize postage costs, we’ll bring them up to you! 
  2. Once all the job specs are taken care of it’s on to your art files. We work with everything from native InDesign files to high-resolution PDFs. Those files are reviewed for bleeds, live-image area, and other important checks to ensure your piece prints perfectly. If you don’t have art, no worries! We are happy to design one for you.
  3. Up next, your mailing lists, whether you supply the mailing list or we do, it always runs through our software to standardize and certify that the list meets all postal requirements. This makes sure you get the lowest postage rate per piece and our on-site USPS experts verify once more for ultimate accuracy.
  4. Then in the middle, we work our magic with our array of printing presses, mailing equipment, and direct mail experts to craft your campaign to your exact specifications.
  5. Last but not least, we work with you to create a custom logistics plan for your campaign based on your desired drop date. Everything is confirmed to ensure your mail is received and delivered to the Post Office on time. 

And just like that, your campaign is ready for mailboxes and your audience’s hands! All you have to do is approve your quote, proof, and drop date. The rest is done by our direct mail fanatics, we’ve got your back!

Your Partnership

We take pride in helping you succeed with your short-term and long-term goals. We know what’s important to you because we’ll ask, and we’ll listen. We are problem-solvers committed to your success and dedicated to your satisfaction. 

The trust we develop with our partners leads to business relationships that often last for years, even decades. Take a step toward partnering with us. Request a free quote or reach out to us with an email or a phone call. We are ready to be your partner!

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