Do you have questions about your next direct mail project? These frequently asked questions answer any art file setup, printing and production, mailing, and general questions you may have. 

Guide: How to Select a Direct Mail Partner


General Questions

1. Do you print and mail daily?
Our team is available Monday-Friday, from 8am-pm PST or MST (depending on daylight savings time). We operate two print and mail shifts daily, seven days a week if needed, to make sure your project is completed on time.
2. What is your turnaround time?

Please give us a call at 1-800-645-6659 to verify the turn time for your specific direct mail project. 

3. Will my job meet USPS standards?

Of course! It’s what we do best.

4. Can you mail / ship outside the US?

Yes, give us a call at 1-800-645-6659 to learn what your next steps are.

5. Any emerging technologies in the works?

Yes, we are always looking to meet the demands of the market and invest in equipment to meet your needs.

Art and File Setup

1. Should my files be set up in CMYK or RGB color?

Your files should be set up in CMYK color to achieve predictable and quality results.

2. What are the USPS design guidelines for my mailer?

Our mailing guidelines will be handy and help make sure your mailer is set up to meet USPS standards.

3. What file types do you support?

We prefer press-resolution PDF (Our TrueFlow print profile will help you get great results) and JPEG (please use the highest quality with no compression)

4. Can you print spot PMS color?


5. What resolution should I use to set up my files?

You should use a minimum of 300dpi when setting up your art files.

6. Do you have a printer profile to ensure my PDFs are exported properly?

We sure do! Give us a call at 1-800-645-6659 and we can helpy uou with our TrueFlow printer profile. 

7. Do you have an FTP site for me to upload my files?

Yup! You can send us files through our online transfer system. If you send files through that system please make sure to notify your Account Exec so your job can be submitted into our order process.

8. Can I cancel a job in progress?

There is a very small window between your art approval and printing. However, you may cancel your job as long as it has not gone to print. Please immediately call your Account Exec at 1-800-645-6659 if you need to cancel.

Printing and Production

1. Do you do all of the printing and mailing yourself?

Yup! We design, print, finish, and mail all of our projects from our 75,000 square-foot space in Phoenix, Arizona.

2. What kind of paper do you print on?

We use several house paper stocks which we use unless you specify a different stock. Please keep in mind that specifying a different stock might have an additional fee and might slow your turn time.

3. What are your house stocks?
  • Postcards: 100# Gloss Cover
  • Self-Mailers: 100# Gloss Book
  • Letters: 60# Offset
  • Envelopes: 60# Offset
4. Is your paper recycled?

Yes! All of our house stocks are 25% Post-Consumer Recycled Content and are FSC-Certified. We are also an FSC-Certified facility.

5. What type of equipment do you have?

Glad you asked! Our full equipment list can be viewed here.


1. How many times may I use my radius mail list?

By default, all of our radius lists are licensed for one time use.

2. Will my own address be added to the mailing list so I get a copy of my mail piece?

Absolutely! Your address is automatically added to the list by default.

3. What format should I use for my supplied mail list?

Great question! Your mail list file should be exported as a .csv file from your data application. If you have questions on list set up, exporting, etc check out our List Guidelines.

4. Will you save my mailing list for future use?

Yes, we store your lists on a secure internal server for up to a year. Although we make efforts to back up all data safely and securely, we suggest you always backup a copy of your data, as we cannot be held responsible for any lost or corrupted lists.

5. Can I use my non-profit permit on my mail piece?

Yes you can! Give us a call 1-800-645-6659 so we can help you get it set up.

6. May I use my own mailing permit on my mailers?

Yup, and we will help you set it up! Give us a ring at 1-800-645-6659.

7. How do I know that my mailing list will remain confidential?

Your mailing list will be stored on our secure internal servers and will only be accessed by an authorized team member.

8. Do I need to use my own indicia or can I use yours?

You do not need to use your own indicia. By default our indicia is used unless you tell us other wise.

9. Where do you purchase your radius mail lists from?

We purchase our lists from some of the top national compilers such as InfoUSA, AccuData, Experian, Equifax, etc.