USPS Verification: Removing Roadblocks from Your Direct Mail Campaigns

Before mail can be sent there are a few steps it’ll have to pass before getting the go-ahead! Here’s a quick breakdown for you, mail has to be verified to make sure it’s sorted properly, it has to be paid for correctly, and meets all postal requirements. If your direct mail provider doesn’t have on-site USPS verification to make sure your mail meets the size and weight specifications, your mail could be rejected. But don’t worry, we know it can be a confusing process! Our team is experienced direct mail marketing experts here to eliminate any roadblocks from your direct mail campaigns. We’re always here to help you!

USPS Verification and Seamless Acceptance: What’s the Difference and Why Are They Important?

USPS On-Site Verification

Your mail is always verified by a USPS team member before leaving our building. The postal team does a complete review, collecting mail samples, completing the verification process, and finalizing the postage statement. Because we have the USPS on-site there is no need to wait at the Post Office for this process to be complete. Once your mail is cleared it’s off to the USPS facility for mailing. Now you just saved time and money!

USPS Seamless Acceptance

So what is Seamless Acceptance? It’s an electronic mail entry program that automates the verification process and streamlines the mail entry verifications. It makes sure that all pieces are uniquely barcoded and validates our documents for special participation criteria. The e-postage statement is then finalized by the system. This is pretty dang cool! Not all direct mail companies qualify for this program. But we do and are so happy to be able to offer it to you!

Why They’re Both Important

For large and small-volume mailers, both of these programs are incredibly important. On-site USPS Verification is still a valuable method to get mail approved, although only a small number of mailers offer this service in their building. As of recently, the USPS is having all mailing facilities transition to Seamless Acceptance for speed and efficiency so mailers must get program-approved and continue to meet requirements. But when you work with us you get both – an on-site USPS verification office and an approved Seamless Acceptance mailer! They work together to make for an easier mail acceptance, shorter approval time, and no delays. That’s a big win!

The Road to a Smooth Commercial Direct Mail Experience

We get it. Direct mail can be difficult to maneuver with all of the postal requirements. But you’re in great hands! We’ve got 50+ years of direct mail success that has made us experts at navigating those ever-changing rules and regulations of the USPS. We’re an approved Full-Service mailer able to offer the maximum number of discounts available from the Post Office. There are many things we do to help make the commercial mail experience smooth every time. Here are three examples for you:

Continue to Adopt USPS Technology

You might not think of technology when you think of the Post Office. But it has fully embraced and continued the adoption of Intelligent Mail and Full-Service technologies. This means that their systems rely on technology like smart barcodes, which bring substantial improvements in the way they accept and verify commercial mailings. Bonus! We’re early adopters of USPS technology enhancements and take advantage of all USPS commercial mail technology to benefit all of our partners.

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Maximize Every Postage Discount

This is our goal for you every time you mail with us. Your mailing list is looked at to find every discount for your mailing class. Once it’s verified the addresses are analyzed by city or zip code. This helps us compare postage savings for you. Not to worry, the cheapest postage option is always chosen for you!

Save Time with On-Site USPS Verification

Because of our consistent high volume of print and mail we earned the opportunity to have an on-site, USPS-staffed verification office. This added benefit makes sure your project has daily attention to all of your campaigns to verify size, weight, and rate, eliminating the chance of your mail being rejected or encountering postal fines. It saves so much time with no back and forth to an off-site USPS office to get approval.

What Makes Different?

We’re not your typical direct mail company! As a third-generation, family-owned business, we specialize in providing high-quality printing and mailing services for companies that believe in the power of direct mail marketing. We’re a responsive bunch and seamlessly adapt to your workflow and only operate with honesty and integrity in all we do. We’ll always show up for you and bring the following to every project:

Award-Winning Customer Service

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Our 1-to-1 approach makes sure that your projects are paired with a direct mail expert. You always get a quick response from a real person, every time you reach out. No bots, no long wait times, ever. And we’re proud to be backed by the gold standard of customer service recognition, The Stevie Awards®.

Complex Data Capabilities

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We’re experts at securely processing and working with complex data and art files to produce 1-to-1 direct mail marketing pieces.

Print & Mail In-House

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When you work with us, your entire campaign is printed and mailed in-house, all under one roof. Right after your project is done printing it goes directly to our mailing team for full addressing, sorting, etc. No need to manage your print and mail separately.

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USPS Verification/Seamless Acceptance FAQs

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    What is a USPS On-site verification office?

    Due to our high volume of mail on a daily basis, The Post Office granted us a USPS-staffed on-site verification office. This is cool because they review the mail, collect samples, complete the verification process, and finalize the postage statement. Because we have the USPS on-site there is no need to wait at the Post Office for this process to be completed. Once your mail is cleared here it’s off to the USPS facility for mailing. Saving you time and money!

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    What is Seamless Acceptance?

    Seamless Acceptance is the new electronic way the Post Office requires mailers to enter mail into the postal stream for processing. It compares information submitted via the electronic Postage Statement to mailpiece data obtained during the mail entry and scanning process at Postal facilities. But not to worry! We fully meet all Seamless Acceptance regulations so you can rest easy knowing your mail is processed correctly!

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    Are you a member of the USPS Seamless Acceptance program?

    Absolutely! The program started May 1, 2021, and we’re a certified Seamless Acceptance mailer. We’ll also continue to have our on-site USPS-staffed verification office for our partners, ensuring all mailings comply with USPS standards.

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