2019 United States Postal Service Advisory

In 2019, big changes are coming to the USPS. Are you ready?

Important facts about the USPS

This essential advisory will provide and overview to help you understand where USPS stands in the current environment so that you can better plan your direct mail campaigns for the coming year, and the changes that may lie ahead.

1. Just the stats.

Learn the current stats of how this non-tax dollar operation is doing.

2. 2019 Rates and Regulations.

Forecast the impact of the pricing changes that are effective on 1/27/2019.

3. Governance Changes.

Read about the changes in the Board of Governors and what Congress is doing.

4. Postal Reform.

Gain insight into what’s coming based on the recently established Task Force.
This advisory is a short overview of the changes that are coming and is an essential part of your 2019 plans.

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